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The minimum hole size for a 25mm made by hansen is roughly 31mm (by my eye).

Could just be the bulkhead your using? I know the flanges on the hansen bulkheads are usually a lot larger then the diameter of the holes required so you shouldn't have an issue.

Or, the way you drilled the holes.... I rock the drill a bit when drilling, and I would suggest this may increase the diameter of the hole by a few mm.

In saying that, you could also use a 32 mm bulkhead if you wanted to - going by the indications on the website (if that is of any advantage to you).

Yesterday I drilled 2 x 50mm holes in my tank for some 40mm bulkheads, and will be drilling some 35mm holes for some 25mm bulkheads sometime this week.

To give you an indication, the flanges on the 25mm hansen bulkeads are big enough to plug up the 50mm holes I just drilled.

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