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Planted tank help.

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It all comes down to what you want to grow. I am guessing by planted you mean a Nature Garden style aquarium? If so then you will need high light, high nutrients, good substrate, and good water conditions.

I would keep excel on hand like Rainbowfish said, however would not dose it as a prerequisite. The plants would grow well in a ADA or UP Aqua substrate, with dosing of products like these;

http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/produ ... 500ml.html


http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/produ ... 500ml.html

potassium, magnesium and sulphur, and all trace elements, including manganese, boron, zinc and molybdenum.

ADA Brightly Step 3 or some form of Iron fertiliser

With increase in light comes increase in co2 and increase in fertilisers.

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