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WTB- cheap marine stuff

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Hi all,

I've managed to convince the school principal to pay 200 bucks towards a marine tank for my classroom.

I'd like a six footer, and am looking at one on ebay for 110 bucks. That leaves me not much for everything else. Does anyone have excess equipment that they'd be willing to let go for cheap- going to a school classroom?

At this stage thinking I need:


powerhead (s)

lighting (although I think I've got this bit sorted)

More substrate (I've got 20 kg of calcium carbonate leftover from my tank)

Live or dead rock


Oh boy, do I feel like a cheapscate! But there's no harm in asking![/url]

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i doubt u will have sucess with such a large tank and small budget.

remember.. water cahnges etc will cost u a bit, unless u use redcliffe water.. in that case... anti red (medication for when u get horrible red slime algae) is expensive to..

i suggest maybe a 2nd hand 3 ft. or even a two foot with some little blenny's... very very entertaining for kids to watch..

i also have a jebo hang on skimmer rated to 100L i think.. 1st skimmer i had on my 6 foot, can have that for $40,

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Thanks for the words of encouragement so far!

I think I may have been convinced to change my plans-

My existing 4 foot tank, which is around 4' by 18 by 18, and has undergravel filter plus a good 2 inches of calcium carbonate will become my marine tank- will still require the addition of the above listed items. I 'll buy a new 3 footer to house my existing cichlid collection. I do have some stuff already available!

Still thinking live rock, and a bamboo shark egg from underwater world, which I can hatch and grow on, and then return later.

Any filtration suggestions welcomed. I can build an external one- i have room nearby.


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Thanks everyone so far, including the pm(s)

I have a 130 Litre nano at home with 15 -20 kg of live rock, skimmer, blue night LEDS, and coral rubble in the filter compartments. I have left over salt from setting up my own tank. I have a Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit, a red sea hydromemter, a refractomemtre, digital thermometre already.

Hey tropheus, can I build a sump on the same level, or does it have to go underneath? I can't go down- the school science lab benches are expensive!

I was figuring to section off 10 inches of the side of the tank, and use that as a filter. I might keep the undergravel running, especially since I dont intend to stock coral.


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well i have a 4footer here with 200mm sectioned off fdrom the tank with holes drilled in the top fill it with bioball+whatever and put a powerhead into it and spraybar back into the tank. so no you dont have to go down just down helps with gravity stuff...but ya goyya pump it back up so a small glass box next to it would do the trick if you didnt want to sacrifice tank space

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yeah you can make your own sump into the end of an existing tank i did it not so long a go to my 7 foot tank i put a sump in the end of it and the way its designed it does the best job at skimming the surface and now my friend the coronation trout has it to him self. took some photos to give you an idea


The water flows over the end piece of glass thourght dacron under half the next piece, thourght bio rock then final over the top into the pump chamber



I hope you can make sense of that, any questions just ask.



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hey mate,

there are some very useful saltwater based websites with tank journals depicting different styles of tanks. Some are budget based tank setups as well and have some pretty handy ideas to save money and still get good results.

Just thought you might find that style of website a good data source as it is dedicated to salt only. One thing I have found through my many years in the hobby is if you plan to go on a budget, research everything perfectly because you have smaller room for error so it probably is worth really polishing up on your knowledge before jumping in.

Good luck mate


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