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FS 4x2x2 + sump ready to go.

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This is possibly sold but have not heard from the buyer so i'll put it back up anyway and yellowman your membership is gone but if your watching as a guest email me at..... asargent81 at hotmail dot com

I have a 4x2x2 made by Mick from southport and a sump to suit on a pine stand that i have built.

It is all new and has held water once while i tested a pump that I had.

All up there is....

4x2x2 10mm all round back painted black all lids too $250

sump $80

stand $80

ehiem Compact 3000 pump still in box $180

ehiem 300w heater still in box $50

4lts off spec matrix $30

gutter guard $10

1kg on noodles $10

all plumbing needed $40

wood for any cosmetic changes to tank stand.

$500 is what i'm asking.

PM me with questions. I'm waiting for one member who was supposed to come around this arvo but because of the hack there might have been a mix up, so till I hear from him its waiting his inspection. Otherwise let me know of any interest.

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Still for sale people. Not sure why the photos didnt load so i'll put them back up

I'll take $480 if anyones keen. Everything about this is display quality the tank is quality the dry goods are quality, the stand is the only thing that has been home made but it is strong as and will hold up for a long time.






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Back up for grabs people.

After being @#$@%$ around for the last 2 months, for the second time, i've given up.

Reson for selling was a possible move interstate which looks like its not going to happen now but i am still going to sell it as i want another 6 footer.

I will take $480 if it goes this weekend.

Pm if your keen.

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tight asses andy,

this tank is basically display, buy it fill it put it anywhere in the house looks gr8, Andy is a top bloke n has been screwed around by a few dipshits on this site, yes Andy you are a far nicer person than i :), but tis true, wankers on here far outway the good ones, so if anyone wants a excellent tank go for it, looks at the list u getting for 480 omfg :) cheap as

see u later matey, for all the other, die a slow death :)

love yas all

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Can't believe this hasnt sold yet!? Have seen this tank in person and its awesome! Like said above Andy is a great guy and awesome to deal with, its sad to hear he has been stuffed around. Would take it today if I had the $$$$ but dont :(

Good luck with the sale!



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I'm interested, but I already have an eheim 300w still in its box and I have 8 rolls of gutter guard. Think, Think... Just wondering where I could store it while I have no show space for it >.< If I buy this I might have to sell my 3ft. Would you be willing to take $390 for it without heater and gutter guard?

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How desperate are you to sell? I just gotta move some fish into a new tank and empty out a couple more before I can buy it. No harm in me selling the heater after purchase I guess.

I mean that as in will you hold on to it for about 1 week for me? Also could you pm me a suitable time that I may be able to come around and inspect the tank, as I have had bad experience with blind buys before. I live just down the road.

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hold firm young Andy on 450, tell em all to blow :) in a nice way, if Myles is blind throw a pair of glasses in, or maybe a walking stick, or we got that wheelchair at work he can have :)

but tooooo nice a tank to sell for cheaper, display Qlty, mmmmmmnesss oooozeeees outta ever pore it has, it is so sexy other tanks merely faint in its presense, fish are killing to get into it,,,,, its kinda like a big pimp meister tank as such its so sexy,

so in other words keep it till ya get ya 450

and tell the tight ass seals to go blow


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Hi all,

Been a bit preoccupied the last few months and none of the buyers ever showed up to look or buy this setup so its still sitting here all new and unused.

If anyone is keen $450..... still not keen on splitting as yet though.

I'm not going to be home till sunday but can check emails on my phone so its probably best to email me on asargent81 at hotmail dot com



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