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Fluval 305, Fluval4, Otto 450g filters

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hi guys, due to me breaking a side of my tank whilst trying to clean it i no longer have any use for these filters. So prefer pickup in morayfield.

Fluval 305 cannister filter (no media) : $120 price drop $100

Otto 450g cannister filter suit up to 600ltrs (no hoses/media): sold

2 Fluval 4 internal filters : $40 each 1 sold Price Drop $30

Otto DC air pump model sa1500 : $10

Jebo 180 protien Skimmer (no pump included) : $20 Price drop $10

300watt heater never used eBay (just left in tank but never turned on) : $10 Price drop $5

6 foot x 18 inches x 18 inches tank with a cracked end : sold

6 foot x 18 inches x 18 inches background to suit : $10

Eterna 4 air pump (4 outlets) : $ 30 price drop $20

4 foot dual light with 2 switches aquaone light model number ar120d not working for some reason? $40 Price drop $30

Can post pictures if needed but it looks like what you would buy from a shop only second hand

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have you tried to fix the light

The only thing i've done with the light is tried the globes that work in a different light and they worked, so theres something wrong with it, but im not really electrical minded, could be an easy fix, might not be i honestly dont know. All i know is i paid $199 for it in october last year and i lost the receipt so i couldnt get it fixed for free.

Light doesnt come with globes i forgot to mention

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