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Hi all. I'm going to upgrade the filtration system i have (hood system came with the tank) and are wanting some tips. Tank is 3x2x1.5 feet on a cabinet. So far i have been advised on a canister filter system but am curious of what everyone else would recommend? Is a water current important in the tank and what system would help in this aspect? Oh and cost and a place to purchase would be a help too.


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There are many ways to provide filtration....I think you've already identified the best...for that size tank


Sump.........lot of mucking about and overkill for this tank size....unless it's a saltwater tank

Waterfall hangon.....noisy and un athestic

Overhead filtration...bit of mucking about to clean

Internal power sponge...ok for Mechanical and biological filtration...not athestic

bulkhead.....takes up tank space....harder to clean

undergravel....gravel stores a lot of waste....I don't like the concept

For a display tank.....my preference would be canister....

Potential to do Biological, mechanical filtration....and chemical when needed

No modification to tank needed

Easy to maintain....and relatively inexpensive....and most unobtrusive

The desirablity of current depends on the type of tank and fish being kept.....not as desirable in a planted tank as say....Riftlake cichlids

but may be desirable in a planted tank full of Rainbows as they like to swim against a current

My personal opinion....hope it Helps

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A 1200L/Hr external canister, which is probably the most common size for a canister, would provide excellent current throughout a 3ft tank. Most canisters come with a spraybar (outlet pipe with holes along it), because it’s needed to disperse the outflow into the tank. So no problem there for currents in the tank.

Water current is reasonably important for a couple of reasons, firstly to effectively spread oxygen throughout the tank and O2 exchange with the outside air. Secondly to eliminate dead spots where waste can build. I’m sure there’s other reasons but those are the ones that standout for me.

External Canisters have heaps of advantages: they’re low maintenance – once setup you usually don’t have to touch them for 6 months; they have large capacity – both for biological and mechanical filter media; and they’re non-evasive – don’t clutter up the tank and simply have an inlet and an outlet, so more room for your fish as well as visually better.

Try Age of Aquariums: http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/external_canister_filters.php. A 1000L/hr is probably best suited for your tank (I have a 900L/hr canister on my standard 3 foot (150L) and it’s more than enough). Something that can turn over the water volume of your tank at least 4 times an hour is preferable. The cheapest is $69 at Age of Aquariums. Probably the cheapest around.

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