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QLDAF forum sold to Chinese Fish Farming business

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Hi all,

spoke to Grum today and he said that he's had enough of all this BS and a chinese fish farming business located in Brisbane is buying this forum for about $200K. They will be taking over control next week and will starting selling cheap imported chinese sh1t fish starting from about 3 yuan (about 3 peso or 1.2 cents).

Grum has asked me to pass on the the message cos he's currently enjoying a holiday in the Bahamas with a few nice young fish he caught at the bar :D:D:D .

You can find more detail about it just scrolling down.



Hahahahahah. :D:D:D:D:D

gotcha. Happy April Fools day.

All thoses who thought it was real, please put your name down (all for fun)


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