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frequency between broods for BN

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yeah about once a month is the average. once they breed do not change there enviroment ie water and filteration. as in if you have a power head for eg do not swap it for a sponge filter. do the same thing as you did and they wont stop breeding.

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Anyone have any tips or tricks into getting their B/N to start spawing



Hey mate, fatman here.

I get them to breed by feeding 'em some bloodworm (about 1 frozen square per 4 adults) two days before I do a 50% water-change, then the next day I put one skinned zuchini in the tank (tied down so it doesnt float).

On the third day of treatment, suck out all the muck left over from this heavy feeding while doing a 50% water change. After your tank is nice and full again put in an ice tray worth of ice (use judgement here, you dont want to drop the temprature below 18 degrees).

Keep the heater up as cold water triggers the breeding cycle but the actual breeding happens in warm water.

Thats what I do with a decient amount of sucess.

7 adults usually drop 2-4 large clutches per month.

Hope that helps.

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