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Seachem Prime dosing

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Hey guys,

Have been curious for some time now about the correct way to dose Seachem Prime, the product I and many others use for water-changes. There was much speculation between myself, friends, and members of other communities regarding which way was the correct method of dosing.

- Full tank amount before adding water

- Full tank amount after adding water (My method at the time of discussion)

- Replaced/difference amount before adding water

- Replaced/difference amount after adding water

After a couple of emails and responses from Seachem, the best method is to obviously dose the water, via buckets or siphoning into a sump/tank prior to introducing it to the tank, but many people like myself can't practically use buckets and do the whole 'hose in the tank' method.

My question to Seachem was as follows:

Cheers for the reply. Just for clarification on your answer. I'm lucky enough to have great quality water straight out of the tap where I live and just use Prime as a water ager. Due to my tank volume it's very impractical for me to use buckets, so I use a hose and use straight tap water. So if I siphon out 200L of water during a water change/replacement, Should I use one capful of prime before, during, or after I add the new water, or is the difference not worth worrying about?



Seachem response:

Hello Ryan,

You can dose Prime to your tank after you have added the new water. You are correct; you will dose the amount of Prime for the amount of water you are replacing (one capful for 200L). I hope this clears things up; please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

So I was using roughly 2/3 more Prime than I had to. I will be changing to the "Replaced/difference amount after adding water" method from now on and figured I would share this information in case anyone else out there was also using more prime than necessary or was curious as to the correct method.

Cheers guys,


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Thanks japes.

Ive been using mostly seachem products for a while now but i think ive been dosing right.Its a very strong concentrate formula so a little is all you need.

Ive always done what you have add the new water and then the chemical afterwards, but it did say to add to water before adding to tank.Luckily i have never had any probs tho.

But i now after reading this i will do the same as you .

Very helpful.



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