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Hello all, how are we all doing?

My names sean, i use to be a member of the old qld cichlid forum if this site happens to be the newest version?

Anyways, i got out of fish keeping about 3 or 4 years ago after keeping fish for 2 years, i use to have 3 tanks, 5fters and 6ft, and i had kept mostly african cichlids along the lines of fronnies, calvus /comps, shell dweallers etc etc.

Wish i had never got out of the game, but being a bit younger had alot more to do at the time and now after spending large amounts on modifying my car i have decided to get back into the fish keeping which i found far more rewarding.

Anyways am hoping to start with a 2ft tank i had laying around and get a pair of shell dwellers to just get back into it then hopefully get some more at a later date.

Just wanted to say hello and will be looking forward to reading all the info again on this amazing hobby !



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Hi Sean

Welcome to the forum

This forum was created when the old Cichlid forum got new owners who decided they didnt like most of us

But enough about that

Great to see you back into the hobby its really hard to get away from lol

If you can put your Location into your profile that will be great

If you have any troubles shoot me a PM and ill get it fixed up straight away

What was your old username or did you recycle it?


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