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WTB: Aqua one Curved glass tanks

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Hi Jess,

I have several aqua one units ranging from AR510, AR380's and AR126's, plus a 320, most in excellent condition. Also a couple of aqua world units, a nice large resun unit etc. Many many extras also such as ornaments, air pumps, gravel etc. Will get together some prices if you let me know which in particular your looking for. cheers alan

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PRICE: $450

Replacement cost of the following items will cost an absolute minimum of $850,

and that's being conservative. This 2nd hand tank will look just as good at a much better rate.

Length: 620mm

Width: 380mm

Height: 520mm

Stand Height: 720mm

- Aqua One AR-620, MODIFIED TO RUN EHEIM CANISTER FILTER in place of crap standard filter!

- The tank is less than 1 year old. I really feel sick about selling this one. It's my favourite.

- Excellent display quality, very well looked after and super easy maintenance.

- Eheim 2213 classic filter with recently changed new sponges and matrix.

- The filter modification allows for extra handy storage space in the top of the hood for food containers.

- Hood comes with twin lights

- Curved front glass on tank

- Comes with latex rock ornament (perfect fit) and gravel and air pump.

Located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, feel free to contact me with any further Qeustions.





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