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Hey, I have a female guppy that literally looks like its going to explode soon.. its ballooned up that much that her stomach starts just below her jaw and he scales are sticking out away from her.. I have taken her out of the main tank an put her into a breeding trap cause the males won't leave her alone. i have tried getting pic's with my phone but they are not turning out very well to show what i am talking about but u can see she is huge.



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its hard to know what is wrong with her, we are talking about a symptom caused by probably at least a dozen things..... 10 of them at this point usually fatal.

I wish I was joking but no I was suggesting euthenasia.

Salt is not the only med, but you really need to know the cause and without invasive surgery and microscope work thats going to be hard.

Otherwise the med can do more damage than good.

salt can help but its best in the preventative role rather than cure.

heck green peas could help if its constipation.... if its not they could foul the water.

sometimes ya just take the loss

it sucks

but hopefully she left behind a next generation.

in the wild most guppys live a single season.

they survive due to the fact 2 can in theory turn into 1 million in 12 months.

boom and bust

guppy live hard and fast.

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dff- what do u mean by "May be for the best to freeze her." lmao I am guessing u are taking the piss.

seriously you reakon she is done for... is salt the only thing that COULD fix her?

I'm afraid DeadFishFloating is right. Just put her in a small container with the tank water and put her in your freezer. She will just go to sleep and die without really knowing it. Hard on you but best to put her out of her misery.

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is she still eating ? i find they stop eating with dropsy .... not overly much of a cure for dropsy as others have said. there ARE meds in the US for it, and are said to work, but with out knowing the actual cause it is VERY hard to treat.. as above..

salt helps reduce the swelling in her body which is caused from fluid being retained, usually caused by kidney failure ... fighter fish seem particularly vulnerable to dropsy.

check ur nitrates ammonia etc. Can you please provide some more info ...

how often are you doing water changes ?

what size tank ?

what sort of stock level do you keep ?

what kinda filtration...?

how long has the tank been setup ?

dosing with prime helps no end when it comes to water changes on a tank with high nitrate ... its all i use now-a-days .....

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