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Biosecurity Debate !!!

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Mornin All, Have been following the recent posts but have been reluctant to contribute as things were getting a bit nasty and personal which did not help the debate IMHO.

Australia & NZ have always led the way with biosecurity measures but the rest of the world is now catching up fast due to the rapidly expanding Aquatic Food Industries in Europe & USA. These industries have much more influence on Governments than the ornamental/hobby industries do because they earn much more money and contribute more to a countrys economy/jobs etc. After much lobbying and political donations the EU & USA are fast-tracking biosecurity measures that are equal or even harsher than ours to protect these industries.

I attended Aquarama in 2009 (a huge OFI trade conference/exhibition in Singapore) and this was the main subject for discusion as it would have a devastating affect on the industry,mainly the Asian Fishfarms, Importers and Exporters as these countries are their major markets. These measures required each exporter/farm to be Certified and tested for 9 diseases/pathogens every 3 months before they could be exported to these countries and if any disease is found they cannot export any fish to these countries for 12 months and then had to go through full certification again. All this testing, certification and increased quarantine times looked like it would double or quadruple the price the pubic paid depending on species.There was also talk that they were going to compile No Import lists similar to Australia as well. This price rise would also affect us as well for any imported fish and would shutdown a lot of Fish Shops in Aus. Worrying times for the industry worldwide it seems.

As for the current AQIS activity it seems to me that we are going to have some savage restrictions forced upon us soon no matter how much we bitch,moan and petition which is evident in their treatment of Norm Halliwell.

If I were you I would get those fish you want before they are four times the price or Unimportable.

Just my 2 cents worth - sorry !!! Loachlover.

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