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Metal halied security lights on a tank (light and electrical experts please )

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Hi all,

I have recently setup a 6ft tank and I am considering lighting options. I am planning on converting to a coral reef tank in the near future, however as it stands it is going to be use for my africans in the mean time. I am thinking of using a 4ft 4 tube HO system in the middle of the tank, with 2 metal hailed security lights, one at each end, pointing towards the middle.

So, my question is, can I just use a 500/250w metal halied security light to do this, or do these differ to the ones you find in the aquarium lighting fixtures? Are the ones you get from bunnings able to be directly wired up to a power point, or do they need a transformer?

What I want to do, is build them into the hood so I can create sufficient air circulation to keep it cool. I also what to wire it up so I can put them on a time/separate switch to the fluoros.

Any advise is appreciated,




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