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FS and EOI/OFFERS Assorted stuff

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The cleanout continues

Assorted rocks small size $2-5 ea. All rocks are covered in holes etc, some would prob make good spawning sites for dwarfs. 23 pieces avail


Assorted rocks medium to large size $5-15 ea 15 pieces avail


few dalbarb style lights includes globes starters etc

2 of 4 foot singles $25ea

1 of 6 foot ( 2 of 3 foot globes) $50

perspex drip tray lengths, 2 of at 1360 x 265 x 6mm OFFERS

10 of large sponge filter sponges, sponges only $20

2 of 1600x60x10mm glass rails, new never used however need a clean $20

Very large UV with 40mm inlet and outlet, came with a setup i bought but i have no use for it, globe is broken and i do not know if its works, its supposed to. OFFERS

Ship Wreck $30. sitting on 2 foot wide stand for size ref


6x2x18 tank, 2 of holes drilled to suit 25mm bulkheads. Silicon job is less than desirable as there is air bubbles in the butt joins. Currently holds water and has done for a while, tank is in ok nic, not display but not sctratched to the crap either $80

Driftwood. Just been cleaned with guerny after soaking, $15-$30 ea. All pieces will suit 3 foot or larger tank


Aqua clear 150, missing uplift pipe, comes with sponge basket and lid tho $5

2 0f 2x12x18s, slight use however i stood on the lids so tanks are now lidless $40 for both

2 of 32mm bulkheads, used $10 for both

That will do for the moment. For fastest and prioritised response text or call 0434149659. More pics avail upon request as it will only allow 4 pics with post



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Last chance on the rocks, there is some real nice ones amongst them, pictures really dont do them any justice so will put some more detailed pics up later.

All driftwood is sold

Will consider trades for burundi fry, acei msuli point females minimum 8cm, maingano females, and ngara flametail peacock fry

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