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Hi all,

I used to be at the old QLD Cichlid forum as well. The nickname was 'mile'.

Anyhow, for the past 2 years I lived in UK hence my absence. Now I'm back and its good to be here.

I have forgotten most of the peoples nicknames so I guess I'll eather meet you all all over again or you may remeber me from before.

I'm mainly into Display Fish, incl mbuna, haps, peacocks, tropheus, fronnies, cats, loaches etc... I've got a custom built in tank thats about 100cm high, 100cm long, 60cm wide. Will post some pics/video when i get to it. My next thing is to setup a 4ft tank with a colony of Duboisi...


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Cool, welcome back!

What kinds of Mbuna you keeping? May have already noticed but the most popular here these days are Demansoni, Kingsizei, Elongatus "Chewere" and "Mpanga", and new one since you left is Zebra Long Pelvic. Red Zebs and Afra still popular too.

Hajomaylandi and Trewevasae kinda fading off into the sunset and Cobalt blues and even Saulosi not as common as they once were.


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Briztoon, shhhh don't blow my cover....

GTR73, well when it comes to mbuna: e.yellows, bulu point, Elongatus "Chewere" and "Mpanga", and black acei in the main tank. At my girlfriends place (small tank): damesoni, kinsizei, polit, afra cobue...

All of these are males (very gey isn't it...)

I wouldn't mind sourcing a large male Flavus... and other display males. (u got any ??? :D )


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Welcome back to warmer weather and colder beer! :)

If you put up a Wanted To Buy (WTB) ad in the Livestock section I'm sure you'll find plenty of breeders with Flavus these days willing to part with a male or two.



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