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I would not be so worried about protien levels as much as I would be worried about kind of protien. There are a few different kinds in fish food. take for example sera flora its protien content is quite high but it is from spirulina and vegetable matter. So can be fed without problems to all africans. The next is protien from water animals ie fish,prawns, crabs etc. Once again this is fairly harmless to all kinds of african cichlids.

The third is animal protien this is a big no no when it comes to africans. This can be from feather meal, poultry or beef related products.

So my suggestion is buy a high quality food like sera, omega one or new life spectrum to name a few. Read your label esp ingredients more so than content.

Stuff like bloodworms is also a nono for africans not so much from the protien content of the bloodworm but more so the skin of the worm contains small fine hairs that causes irritation of the stomach and intestine lining.

So protiens aint protiens and are definately not everything when it comes to fish foods.

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