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EOI- 6x2x2 tank, stand, hood!

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Hello ladies and gents, as stated above i am thinking about getting rid of my 6x2x2 setup.

my little son is growing very quickly and i just cant find the time to look after it as much as i should

6x2x2 tank- display quality

hood is an open one,

stand has three doors and the one n the middle is glass.

will come with sand, plants, few rocks n driftwood. the heater and aqua one, aquis 1250 filter.

upto you if you wanna include the 23 africans i also have in the price, and they are all close to or over the 10cm mark.

Look forward to hearing from you,

cheers bek

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Im not to sure but without the fish hopefully over $700 and a bit more with the fish, seen as just the stand and hood cost me $550 brand new about a yr ago. everything is in near new condition and the fish are lovely colours and really healthy. the setup cost me well over $1000 but obviously im not asking that much, would just like this set up to go to some one who has the time to look after it. hope that helps. cheers

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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