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WTB brand new or used 5X2.5wx2h

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i am wanting to knoow if anyone out there is experienced

in building tank from scratch? i need a custom tank made

to measure 5x2.5wX2/2.5H

i want to use this size tank for marine...so it needs to be wide lol

it does not matter so much about the height however prefer something tallish

also would like to know where a good glass shop is i obviously will need to buy glass for this contruction

bt also need s peices to fixt a tank :D

any help would be great :D ive quoted maryannes, i usually hang out and talk to the owners/staff for hours lol

their price is slightly more expensive then what i had hoped

so DIY time lol , i will pay for someone to help/build it for me haha



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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