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FS Energy efficient pumps

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Hi All,

Got a couple of energy efficient pumps to go, all units are brand new:

4,500L/hr 40w 3.5M head height $130 (only 1 available)

6,000L/hr 60w 4.0M head height $140

8,00L/hr 80w 4.5M head height $150

10,000L/hr 100w 5.0M head height $160 (May be taken, pending pick up)

Just some detail from supplier website:

High performance motor with innovative electronics, and energy saving up to 50%. (build in electronics unit auto changes the running power voltage and frequency to reduce the running cost)

High pump heads and larger flow

Can pump dirt size up to 6mm

Product long life design by adopt wearproof ceramic shaft and build in over heating auto off

Modern turtle shape design that great for ponds, water falls, water projects

Runs super silent as all Europe top quality brand water pumps

And it come with 10M outdoor safe use rubber power cable and Australia power plug (Special made for Australia 240v/50Hz power supply safe use).

Please note from the below photos, the outer casing is removable, so the pump can be place in the sump/tank.





Pick up from Mt Gravatt East in evenings/weekends or Wacol at my work place during office hours.

Please note no hold unless I know you.



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Just would like to leave a little feedback on these pumps. I recently upgraded a pump that had an elecrical leak to the eco 10000 and.i am extremely happy with it. It is super silent and when coupled with well thought of return plumbing, performs better than some more expensive and well known brands.

Thanks again for my pump ken its running my 3600 litre system with ease


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Hi Chris, Sorry for the late reply, have been out all day buying TV ....

Anyway, I got one of this here for $220:


Please note the size of the unit & the large output pipe diameter of 110mm (which I think you can put a 100mm PVC pipe into it) but only uses 175w for a 22,000L/hr pump quite efficient.

Ronny, good to hear the good feedback on the pump.



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I bought a 6000lph one of Kens aquarium palace a few weeks back, best pump ever super silent, no more V8 humming noise under my tanks now :)

ohh, does that mean i'm getting a v8 pump lol, :)

i'm also hoping to pick up a pump from ken this week,

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Lol it's not to bad, I think it was because the sump is under a 6ft timber stand and sump had no lid so it kinda made the noise echo or gave it some bass.

It didn't help much either that I stuck my head under the stand as I was trying to work on the sump, got up and my head was humming away :(

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............. Kens aquarium palace ................

LOL, I forgot about this thread already .....

I may see if that business name still available & register it. GOLD!

No worries, Clayton & Tubbi. I sometime need to touch the hose/pipe to make sure the damn thing is running.

Steve, see you on Friday. You won't be disappointed.



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