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Fresh Start, 6 foot reef

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I am upgrading my system to a 6 foot set up. I will be using everything from my current 4 foot plus adding a few more power heads and what not to it. In starting out fresh I have a better grip on things, as this time I have looked into other peoples setups.

Yes I am going to keep using my cannister filter because its less than 6 months old (bought no thanks to LFS) and dont want to let it go to waist. It probably wont have anything in it, just aid in water circulation and have a UV attached.


Start up Date:

....TBA....(Transfering all from 4foot, so in theory July 2010)

Display Tank:


Display Lighting:


Display Water circulation:

4 x 3000L/H wave maker


Hand Crafted Cabinet


Hand Crafted Hood

Behind The Scenes:


800mm L x 300mm W x 500mm H (three stage)

Refugium Lighting:

LED light

System Water:

ASW (Red Sea Coral Pro)

Other Filtration

Modifyded Canister filter (has 36W UV Sterilizer attached)

Return Pump:

3500lph Submersible Pump With Built In Float switch


Weipro Protein Skimmer SA-2014 or use my other skimmer I got off somebody

UV Sterilizer

Jebo 36W UV Filter


Supreme aqua cl-450


Eheim Jager 200W (run when needed)

Evaporation Top Up:

Automatic Top Up system

Chemical Support:

Manual ATM

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I am going to paint the back of my tank black the same way I did my 4 footer. What I am going to do is just make a 'little black box' and attach it to the back some how. This will be my overflow

On the Chiller side of the cabinet I will place a vent or exhaust fan (of some sort) so the heat from it is expelled.

Here is a picture of the set up I wish to achieve


This is my current tank, which I have decided is too small


This is my sump which I will use on the 6 foot. ooo000ooo look a wrasse hehe

PS there is LR in there its just hiding


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Thought I would give a bit of an update on things as I haven't really touched base in a long time. basically since I changed over the tanks I have then purchased a marine sources SDC-900 skimmer and added two FBF filters. I have then progressively added fish and corals. Currently my parameters are good however as always I could have phosphates a little lower, mainly because I want to add a fair few SPS to my tank and create an island for them. In the pics below it will be on the left hand side of the tank.

Ok so a little list of thing in the display?

Inverts are: snails (turbos, trochus) two coral banded shrimp and heaps of hermit crabs.

Fish are: yellow tang, scopas tang, flame hawk, anthia, yellow tail damsel (which I will be removing soon, and one massive snowflake eel.

Corals are: two Helios, toxic green goni and light purple one too, 20+ head green hammer coral, heaps of different types of zoos ranging from blue to pink to red. A couple of chalice and some other types too. Over all they are all LPS so next addition shall be SPS.

Anyway here us some pictures for you all (sorry about quality, I need to get me a deceit camera)

Mobile Photobucket

Mobile Photobucket

Mobile Photobucket

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Seachem. I am also dosing with vodka to bring it down which is working pretty well. Plans? I hopefully will have it set up so I have SPS and LPS and maybe one softie just for good measure. Apart from that onces it's up just starting a frag tank in the garage and then eventually getting a nano.

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