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FS: Iwagumi Rocks

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Hi guys and girls,

I have available some beautiful Iwagumi Rocks featured from Aquascape Design. The rocks can be found here for reference of price and also picture; http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/products/Iwagumi-Lava-Grey-Field-Stone.html

I have the rocks pictured below that weigh well over what I am asking in price. They would cost easily double what I am asking probably triple in price due to weight and just want them gone as they are taking up space in my garage. They are great rocks and have awesome features and textures as you can see in the picture below. They look great in the water surrounded by carpeting plants.

They are beautiful rocks and would make the perfect rock set for a nano, 2 footer or even 3 footer set up. They were used as my Iwagumi rock collection and also featured in my tank, and do make the ideal Iwagumi rock set :)

Please PM me if you are interested in the rocks as a whole or individual. Pick up preferred.

Price: $50 for the set







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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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