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FS: ANS Iflow Lillypipes

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Hi guys and girls,

I have available a set of beautiful ANS 17mm lily pipes for your fish tank. Lily pipes are the perfect filter intake and outtake in any planted tank set up. They are manufacturered using 3mm tempered Opti Clear Glass these pipes are strong and resist accidental breakage unlike other cheap alternatives.

Outlet - Lily Pipe

The Lily pipe is a very unique pieces of equipment that creates a soft flowing motion as found in a river or stream environment.

The bell mount outlet to your filter can be positioned just below (to decrease gas exchange) or slightly above the waters surface (to improve aeration). Each position influences the rate of surface turbulance. If the Aquarium is supplied with CO2 injection you can increase its efficiency by minimising surface water disturbance and as such the bell mount outlet should be positioned under the surface. At the same time it is important to remove any surface film which prevents light penetration and looks unsightly. The bell mouth design feature also assists here by creating a whirlpool effect which effectively eliminates surface films.


The ANS Inlet pipe carries water from the Aquarium to the canister filter. The width between the arch is approximately 4.3 cm and has a total length of 30cm.

The ANS iFlo creates a vortex on the surface of the water acting to extract surface film.

Glass thickness - ANS iFlo is 3-4mm thick tempered glass.

Glass Colour - ANS is made from OptiClear glass for superior clarity.

Suction cups - ANS uses 2x suction cups on its 17mm versions. Both suction cups are required to adequately stabolize the larger lily pipes.

Surface Extraction - The angle of the ANS bell mouth, the surface extraction is achieved and flow is at its greatest.

Condition: Used for two months however the inlet pipe broke at the bottom so where there would be the grates and closed off section it snapped at the initial grate. This does not affect the lily pipes in any way, and water flows in the inlet at a maximum. It has been sanded back and smoothed up and nothing else wrong with the set. The set is actually more 16mm than the advertised 17mm from Aquascape Designs.

Price: $50





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