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Adam's Nano Iwagumi Tank

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Hi guys and girls,

Building a new tank. It will be a nano Iwagumi set up with beautiful rocks from Fishchicks. I will update with pictures tomorrow as I am so flat out trying to get a new bed and everything this weekend while things are on sale! I will promise to update tomorrow but made it now due to someone begging me to put it up :)


45 X 30 X 35cm Tank

• 6mm Glass

• Rimless and braceless

• Silicon removed (cut and removed) from tank after being cured to create a no silicon look

Tank Stand

To be bedside table of some description unchosen yet


3 x 9L ADA Amazonia I Normal

1 x ADA Penac P

1 x ADA Penac W

1 x ADA Clear Super

1 x ADA Tourmaline BC

1 x ADA Iron Bottom


1 x Eheim 2211 Canister Filter

• Eheim Substrat Pro

• Eheim ehfimech

• Seachem Matrix

• Course Sponge

• Fine Dacron Woollen Pad

1 x Lillypipes (Intake and Outtake)


1 x Cade Lighting Unit with glass base and Twin 36W CFs used. It is the larger one to the Cade mini available through Adam at Aquascape designs.

• 4 X Dazs 8000K 36W CF Bulbs (2 in unit, 2 spare)


No heater for now (will buy when cooler season approaches)

1 x ADA NA 6mm Thermometer (Clear)

C02 Set Up

1 x C02 Pro 0.82L Injection Package with extras

• C02 Pro 0.82L Bottle

• C02 Regulator

• Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve

• Needle Valve Tap

• Nano Glass Diffuser

• 1m of c02 tubing

• Brass c02 Bubble Counter

• Glass c02 Bubble Counter

• Glass Check Valve

• DAZS Beetle c02 Bubble Counter

• ANS Drop Checker

Also have one UpAqua mini co2 kit, unsure if to use the proper set up or the mini set up. All depends which fits in the cabinet to my new bedroom setting. The UpAqua kit includes disposable bottles, regulator and the other stuff from the above mentioned co2 set up.


1 x Ferka Aquatilizer 500mL

1 x Ferka Balance K 500mL

1 X Green Brightly Step 3 500mL

1 x Seachem Flourish Excel 2L

1 x Seachem Iron 500mL

Plant Tools

ANS Plant Scissors Surgical Grade – Curved

ANS Plant Scissors – Curved

ANS Plant Tweezers – Curved

ANS Multi Purpose Tweezers


Iwagumi (Seiryu Seki looking) stones from Fishchick


Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Blyxa Japonica

Eleocharis parvulus


Galaxy Rasboras or Microrasboras

4 x Otocinclus

25 x Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS Shrimp)

6 x Caridina sp NTnilotica (Northern Territory Algae Eater Shrimp)

Other Products, Medications, Water Change Products

1 x 2L Seachem Stability

1 x 2L Seachem Stress Guard

1 x 473mL API Melafix

1 x 100mL Aquasonic Ichonex

1 x 120mL Waterlife Protozin

1 x 120mL Waterlife Sterizin


1 x Sera Vipan 75g Food for the Rasboras

1 x Spectrum Algae Wafers for the Shrimp and Otocinclus

Regular serves of Frozen Bloodworm

Regular serves of Frozen Brine Shrimp

Regular serves of Live Blackworm

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Sorry have had my dad come back as he works away from home so have not spent much time on here. Today and yesterday was bed searching for me to replace my bed and mattress and also bedroom shopping for whole new decor

I have got the 3 bags as they are about to run out of substrate and being the cheapest in Aus I stocked up! I will be using it to top up the other planted tank at the back so do not worry only used one and a bit bags in total hahahaha! I knew I would only use one maybe two

I have gotten some pics up. The rocks used in this scape were only 3 of the 6 I have. I have to get pictures with the other rocks in the scape instead and play around with it. This scape was a quick 10 minute job to make this thread more appropriate since it is a picture thread after all!

Here it is;

The tank was made by a guy called Mick at Southport Aquarium and petland who also made my 3 footer Iwagumi. He has been practicing a new method and my tank was the first to try it out. He uses a method where he applys the silicon and then cuts it out when finished. It shows the same finish as ADA and CADE tanks do when it is removed however with my dodgey digital camera (awaiting the 550D present ) it does not pick up the quality of his workmanship which is exceptional! There is no silicon on the glass at all other than in the join and zero excess. In real life it is far far better than what the picture displays.


Powders laid down and the substrate slowly added


Quick scape to shh the people up and show them a feel of what the tank MAY look like. Yes yes the scape will be changed and the rock layout will be altered and moved accordingly and different rocks put in instead but was a quickie to give me a feel of what I am working with.


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Hey Marty,

I was going to post it up anyway hahaha so dont be silly thats cool :) Cheers.

They are the CADE set ups, except mine is the bigger one to what is featured in that link. Mine is the larger one using twin 36 watt CF lights, and bigger base of 55 x 35cms.

Anyways no updates either Marty, still waiting on getting a stand made up/wanting to find out the best kind of stand if I go ADA rip off stand or something.

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I am just waiting on some glassware to arrive and some lily pipes and the co2 regulator. Cabinet for it is nearly built, and then its off to the painters to be painted with 2 pac satin black for the ADA look to match my 3 footer in my room. Saved so much dosh doing the cabinet, and it turned out brilliant with family's best friend whos a cabinetmaker doing it for nothing (just cost of the wood which was under 60 dollars) :)

The tank has been sitting here doing nothing. I decided to have a play around with some rocks and what not. I decided it will not be iwagumi, more so rockwork as the hardscape and lots of stems and other supporting plants around it. Really wanting more colour than just green hence opting for the stem plants as well to plant behind the rocks as a background.

Here is a bit of an update pic of me playing around with the rock scape (hopefully better than the last rock scape, BE THE JUDGE AND COMMENT :) )



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FINALLY. Half of my glassware arrived, and also my co2 equipment (half not shown in picture such as beetle bubble counter and also the diffuser and glass check valve etc).

I have my eheim 2211 ready to start up and tank just needs to be scaped.

Cabinet arrived from painters on Tuesday and set it up today with the CADE lighting unit and tank filled with all the ADA powders and iron bottom, and just a rough two minute scape to make it half complete before I go out.

Pictures were two second rush job to get a update up for those who are following it, will be a week or two before filling so I can do my rock scape and also finish off anything else that needs to be done and have it all hooked up ready to go. Not in a rush rather get this one right first time.


Full tank and stand shot (ADA rip off stand cost only 75 to 80 dollars to build from start to finish not including two pac satin black paint)



Quick zoom in of the rocks I will be using and also some of the glassware that has arrived to date


The business end of the lot (Adam from Aquascape Designs co2 bottle and also his brand new co2 regulator and solenoid package that is far superior than the co2 pro ones and can withstand anything and will not break down woot! and gotta have the eheim 2211)


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Half my plants arrived today, the other half will arrive tomorrow, and also waiting to plant half the plants tomorrow or whenever they arrive. I am still waiting on some rarer plants from Jeff once his plants are back up and running, and ofcourse the trimmings need to fill in and also slope the plants accordingly.

This is just after the fill;



Terrible for now, but give it a month and this will hopefully look unreal all filled out!!! :)

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The plants for this tank will include some;

Rotala Colorata

Rotala mini Type 1 and 2

Rotala sp "H'ra" "RARE"

Rotala Sp Green

linderei Sp India

Bacopa Sp Japan

Eriocaulon Cinereum

Pogo Helferi


Tonina fluviatilis

Blyxa Japonica



Eleocharis Sp Japan

Us Fissidens

Mini Pellia

That does sound like a lot but it will be set up staged in height and blended from front to rear and take up the whole back of the tank and push to the midground down around the rock also. How it looks now is not how it will look once all the plants have arrived and given a month or two to take off and really fill in. So I guess in the mean time you will have to use imagination, but lets just say it will definitely be a BIG SPLASH of reds and greens ;)


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It will hopefully have some Us fissidens and mini pellia on selected parts of the rocks or covering only selected base parts while still maintaining a solid hardscape, and the plants will not engulf but will really stand out behind and around the rock itself. It will be lush and heavily plated in a month or so time :)

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Updated picture of the cloudy mess



I am pretty pleased with this tank to pleasant since HALF the plants are yet to be planted :) They will look stunning once it is filled in as outlined in the above posts with tonnes of colour and contrast. This scape was done on my own as Jeff had left to go home so whole rock layout and the ideology behind the planting and how I wanted it was me unlike the three footer haha!

Fish stock for this tank will include 15 ruby tetras, 4 otocynclis, cherry shrimp, and a breeding pair of apistogramma trifasciata with the best teal pearl through their bodies.


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Still have not put the plants I want in there. Still to come includes Rotala SP H'Ra, rotala colorata, pogo helferi, eriocaulon cinerum, fissidens, mini pellia, and some other red stems with some rotala sp green, linderei sp india, rotala indica (currently growing in the tank as it was grown emersed before hand). The blyxz will grow and the planting will begin within the week. Tank is one day off finishing its cycling process and in goes 13 ruby tetras and a breeding pair of apistogramma trifasciata. All the stems will come to be planted as soon as Jeff manages to get up and going and having them in stock. So at the moment the tank looks boring as.


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