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WTT: IBC & Common BN Colony (20+ fish) for 4' All-In-One Tank

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Might be a long shot, but I'm wanting to trade my IBC and BN colony for a 3-5 foot all-in-one tank (with filter and lights still intact - display quality). I'm after something like Nato's tank, see here: http://www.qldaf.com/vbb/showthread.php?34257-Eoi-4-x-2-x-1.5-plus-extras (hope he doesn't mind me using this). Not interested in the usual sloping pine hood style tanks at the moment, although I would consider something with a nice cabinet and square hood. If it's a 3 footer, it would need to be 2-2.5 feet wide.

IBC has top cut out, in good condition with metal base and cage.

Haven't got exact numbers on the colony as they're in the IBC, but there would be at least 20 fish at breeding size. May be one or two albinos. I haven't had or seen fry from them yet, but they've only been in the IBC for 2-3 weeks. Some males would be around 10cm+ and females between 5 and 8cm (guessing). If there's interest, I can pull the fish out tomorrow arv and count them.

Can also include a few breeding logs.

Pickup only as I don't have the transport necessary for carting an IBC.

PM or message interest (0437 778 243).

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Will also accept cash offers or 6 foot tank setups (I have other stuff to add to trade including longfin albino and common BN pairs (1 of each pair), orange spot colony (2 males, 3-4 females) - if necessary).

I'm not interested in selling the longfin pairs or OS BN, only willing to add to trade if it's a decent deal.

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