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SA Cichlids - April 6

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Few shots from today that I liked.

Geophagus altifrons 'Rio Tocantins' (Cheers to ozarowana for this guy, here's your update ;) - colours are a little mucked up in the photo though on reinspection - he's a little stunner)


Aequidens pulcher "Blue Acara"


Hypselecara temporalis "Chocolate Cichlid"


Acarichthys heckelii



Cheers guys,


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Full tank shot after a rearrange. Been having a problem with the fish being strangely skittish for a few days now, they're calming down much more now so that's good news.

New layout is much easier to clean and has a lot more water space, very simple and I like it.

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It is un-natural for filamentosa cichlids to surface swim out in the open like they are. Clearly they are stressed, have no real place to go and are unhappy. I would not mix these species if it were my tank. Edit- is that a severum or a chocolate in the overall tank shot?

Apart from that, the tank looks nice. Hopefully by now the fish and water clarity have settled.

They're Siamese Flying Fox/Algae Eaters, I would never mix Checkerboards in with these tank mates. Not SA I know, I've been having a problem with beard/brush algae that I'm trying to clean out, they'll eventually be rehoused.

Tank stocking is as follows;

2x Heros efasciatus "Green Severum"

2x Acarichthys heckelii

1x Geophagus altifrons 'Rio Tocantins'

1x Hypselecara temporalis "Chocolate Cichlid"

1x Aequidens pulcher "Blue Acara"

2x Cleithracara maronii "Keyhole Cichlid"

2x Ancistrus sp. "Bristlenose Pleco"

3x Crossocheilus siamensis "Siamese Flying Fox"

Pending future aggression issues, the Keyholes will probably be rehoused to a planted community and the Blue Acara might go, we'll see.

Severum in the center, Chocolate is spying the surface (as they do) in the back left hand corner.

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