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Best way to keep fry

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I have just recently had my Green Terrors breed. There were about 200 - 250 fry for a few days and overnight I was left with about 30 - 50. I tried to save as many as I could but I just want to know why most of them disappeared. I have been told that the parents look after the fry and it did look like they were but they suddenly disappeared. What would be the best way to bring them up? Prefereably by keeping them with their parents.

Thanks guys, open to any suggestions :)

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sounds like the parents may have eaten a few of the fry maybe?

this is nothing unusual for new pairs, its pretty common actually.

I find the easiest way to grow the young is to move them to their own tank after they become free swimming (usually 5-7 days after the hatch from the eggs).

you can do this many ways but i reckon the easiest is to syphon them out with a bit of hose into a bucket and then you just need to syphon them into their new tank.

With the fry tank use water from your breeding tank to set it up (so the water parameters are pretty much exactly the same)

then after you add the fry just use water which has been aged for a day or so in a bucket/container with an airstone for your water changes.

with your fry grow out tank if you do daily water changes it will help the fry grow quicker and also allows you to get rid of any excess food that maybe lying around.

Feeding your fry

i find the best thing for them is live BBS (Baby Brine Shrimp),

frozen work well but no where as well as live. (i think the live ones kick start their natural hunting instinct)

once they are a few weeks old you can start feeding them crushed flake or pellets as well, just make sure it is fine enough for the babys to eat (a mortar and pestle works well)

you can find plans on how to build a cheap brine shrimp hatchery from google, and most LFS have brine shrimp eggs in stock too, just look for decapsulated ones.

if its possible feed them 4-6 times a day too (small feeds), this helps alot with growth.

anyway HTH and GL


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