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New guy learning the ropes :P

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Hey Guys,

I've only joined today. Lol.

I have a small 20L tank, just wanted something small to start off with and i have 3 guppies (was 6, but the ammonia was through the roof a few weeks ago so the 3 females died, but i fixed that issue up) 2 Catfish and now 2 Cardinal Tetra's.

I was at the Aquarium shop today and was looking at a 3 foot that i am going to put on layby with some extras.

What do you guys suggest to do it with? And should i give eBay a go in regards to air pumps, any accessories and canister filter?

I still don’t know what fish i want in there yet, but I’m thinking some Africans.

I really want to start off the proper way and open to any suggestions at all.


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Evening Beau & welcome to the forum mate!

Could I suggest maybe the tank wasnt cycled properly to cause the ammonia to be so high.

3ft tank is a perfect starting size. There is lots of great info & help on this forum regarding all aspects of fishkeeping.

Have a good read of all the information regarding tank cycling & the nitrogen cycle.

Have you spoted any particular fish that catch your eye?? I found having a trawl through everybodys setups & fish in the photography section really helps out with inspiration for new tanks & fish.

I hope you enjoy you time on QLDAF & your new hobbie, becarefull its very addictive..hehe

Have a good one mate!

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mate, do yourself a favour check out the trader sections and save yourself ALOT of money on both livestock and drygoods :)

also a good way to meet people as obsessed with fish as yourself lol

x2 and x3 for the lol

Fish obsessed people on here?Never!?!

Welcome to the forum Beau

Lots of nice and knowledgable people here

Have a good time


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Fish obsessed people on here?Never!?!

I'm seeing that a little bit. But hey, nothing wrong with that!

Yeah I'm guessing that it wasnt cycled either, i didnt have anyone to help me out and tell me what to do (the staff at pet barn are as helpful as tits on a bull) but i've now discovered a really helpful guy at the local aquarium shop. i still remember when he told me about the high ammonia levels, "do you have any issues with your fish?" my friend replied, "if you call them dieing a problem then yeah :P"

I guess I'm going to be spending a bit of time on these forums at work from now on because i really want to make sure that i start it off well and do it right then only doing a half job.

Thanks for your help so far guys :)


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Hey Beau,

It sounds to me like you have been given a bum steer by another lfs which I am sure most of them do cause if they set you up perfectly, well lets face it you wouldnt be much of a customer cause nothing would go wrong , your fish wouldnt die and you would only need to go back to get more food and thats about it. I started out that way probably loosing hundreds of dollars in tropicals because I was being fed wrong information on stocking etc.

If possible, only buy emergency supplies from a shop eg meds

You will always find it cheaper to buy: tanks, stands, filters, heaters, fish, plants and the list goes on, on this forum.

Plus when you go to someones house to pick up they will always have something that fascinates you, some have really nice display tanks, others have systems that make you go phwoooaaarrr!!!

Here is something to aim for. Over the next couple months try to get yourself a nice setup, the bigger the better. 4x15x18 is a fantastic size, about 200L and it will offer you the volume you need to get a nice stocklist happening. plus it gives you a good base area to get your aquascaping skills a test.

Then in feb (i think) the QFAS is holding an auction in caboolture for fish, yes thats right a fish auction. head in grab some bargains and meet a few members as well, and I am sure some of the more experienced guys will give you a hand with your bidding and knowledge.

We are all here to help, no matter what you want to know just ask. If we cant answer our old mate wiki might be able to lol.

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Gday Beau,

Welcome to the forum mate and as i see above you have already had a very warm welcome with some great advice from our members. This forum is a great resource for all your fishy needs as mentioned above. There are some great threads from the past covering nearly everything you can think of and also things that you might not have. I remember when I joined I spent the first 2hrs looking through old threads and post and then the next 4-6 hrs per visit just talking to members.



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I used a Aqua One CF1200 on my 4fter to grow up a saratoga & some jungle Perch, worked a treat.

I would also look into the ehime classic range (maybe a 2215 or 2217), a great product @ a great price.

If you are to buy new, give Russ @ Redlands pet center a call he has good products and gives forum members unbelievable discounts.

Cheers mate.

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Dont write off lfs so quickly.

I set my customers up to succeed and I know many other lfs staff that do the same. Give me 6 months and I can turn a betta keeper into a full blown reefer.

You make more sales when consumer confidence is high after all.

Welcome to the forum Beau :)

For ya 3 footer i'd probably reccomend trying some stuff like saulosi, peacocks, msuli point aceii, bristlenose, clownloaches and a flameback.

but thats my suggestion.

Everything you read or hear.... its all just another bit of the puzzle.

Find them all, put it together and....... you will have the tank YOU WANT.

And in the end, well thats all that matters.

rock on

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