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My new setup and fish

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One day I'll learn how to take photos that are in focus. And can some one tell me how to get rid of the date stamp. I have no idea why it's showing the wrong date either. Definately took the photos early this evening.

The tank.


24 inches by 15 inches by 24 inches.

Current stock:

5 Dicrosus filamentosus - Checkerboard cichlid

3 Panaque maccus - Clown pleco

3 Otocinclus vestitus

Tomorrow I'll pick up some rummynose tetras, and possibly a couple more otos.

Some of my new Dicrosus filamentosus. Photo of the rear left of the tank.


These guys are small, about half an inch long. I have no idea about male to female ratio at the moment. Will have to waite untill they mature.

Two of my clown plecos, with a couple of the checkerboards poking around and snacking on an algea wafer. (Bottom left corner of pic.)

Photo of the front right of the tank.


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