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suggestions for feeding baby L

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Ive got some bubs 104 and 168 in a four footer with undergravels and heaps of diff types of wood

i spread diff types of food evenly around the tank mainly algea discs a mix of flakes and pellets and the ocassionally severing of a frozen veggie mix

the last spawn i think all of the 104 died, ive been advised to remove the undergravels and go to a light covering of sand

Im happy to go that way but id like to give this new batcha a chance first

any suggestions on keeping em alive or feeding would be appreciated


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hey pete the best way is put them in a fry saver.

this way they dont have to travel for the food.

also a great food that all my Ls are loving is sera viformo it breaks up after a minute or two in the water so there is no fight over the food and that way every fish is having some food.

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