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need some hands

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hey guys setting up a 2 teir 8 foot system and was wondering if any one could come and give me a hand moving the tanks onto the new stand today ????

i have my boss coming to help but a third person would be awsome / all my mates seem to be doing something today well they are now that i asked for a hand

my boss is coming around at 5ish so if anyone is not doing anything and lives close to kallangur and dose not mind heavy lifting it would be awsome if u could give me a call and pop in there will be a 6pack in it for u and i will also have 2x 8foot stand that will be free onece new tanks are in the new stand

one stand is a dogy one but strong and the other is a stained raw timber one that is ok these will be free to helpers

any ways fingers crossed sorry about the short notice but i thought my friends wernt dicks but yeh

my ph is 0450446036

thanks chris

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