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I think its bloat.

Some of them are really bloated, some has inverted stomach. Their $hit are long and stringy and are clear/whitish. They haven't been eating at all from what i can see.

Is bloat contagious? Thinking of adding fish in there, but just want to make sure the new ones won't be affected.

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Thanks, i'll give that a go.

My Bristlenose and Cuckoo catfish seems to be doing ok for the moment. I was going to add the kungweensis in with them, but looks like i'll have to hold off on that for a bit.

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Would you like the bad news, or the really bad news?............ :roll:

If you have one fish with bloat now, and others with stringy white faeces,

be prepared to lose more fish,

bloat is definately contagious imo,

depends how much you love your fish i guess,

but you may end up spending more money on medications than the fish are actually worth, and with only a 50-50 chance of preventing deaths anyway,

not to mention what some meds will do to your water quality and nitrifying bacteria.

A better alternative imo would be to remove all affected fish from the colony in that tank immediately - either chuck them, or try to medicate any affected fish in a quarantine tank if your keen, including the fish with white stringy poops.

Vacuum substrate thoroughly, and more importantly - u need to address why bloat/flagellates are present.

You may need to look more closely at your water quality and parameters,

since bloat is usually caused from stress.

"Stress" can be caused from many different factors,

high nitrates/nitrites/ammonia levels, fluctuations in water temp/hardness levels/ph levels/ tds levels, rather than a nice constant balance of water parameters.

Therefore opening that can of worms again about adding salt,bicarb,epsoms - if your gonna add it, add it knowing that you should add so on a regular basis and monitor water values so that u maintain some sort of constant balance - otherwise hardness and ph will swing up and down all over the place, a major contributing factor to problems with fish health.

Otherwise add nothing at all when doing water changes to maintain a constant balance,

assuming your water supply has a fairly reliable ph and hardness value.

Other causes of stress include not enough "safe" territory for harassed females, and subdominant males,

SH.IT food, etc,etc,etc..........

There's another topic on it's own - SHI.T food..................

To my understanding many people are hung up on the "protein" content of fish food.

This is not important , whether the protein level is 40% or 50%........

More importantly it is the amount of "SHI.T" { wheat flour and other cheap extracts which are not as easily digestible by africans}

I raise my demasoni fry on spectrum grow {50% protein} - never had one demasoni contract bloat yet.

I know of another breeder who only feeds his tropheus spectrum grow as well with no bloat problems.

As you would know these are both herbivores.

These are just my opinions mate, everyone has their own views.

anyway good luck mate, hope u get it under control.

regards Darren

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I'll have to give it a try and save what i can. Thanks all for info.

Assuming that i have no success and all of them are lost. At this stage, the Bristlenose and Cuckoo's are still looking ok. What should i do with the water before adding new stock?

Sounds like the disease could still be in the water?

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