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Is a 2 foot tank big enough for breeding bristlenose?

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hey mate a foot will easily be big enough to breed a pair.

use a cave like the ones christo is selling. a sponge filter heater and bit of driftwood.

i was thinking of the same thing when i was studying to be a teacher,

get a different student a week to feed them and you will have to do a 30% water change a week.

they are very easy to breed so you will have a heap of fry straight away.

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hey mate definately get a cave.

driftwood is for them to chew on and helps soften the water.

breeder87 11 adults in a 2 ft tank.... i hope it is very very very very well filtered thats alot of fish for a 2ft tank.

teacherman a great site is plecfanatics.com it will help you out.


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