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Fs new 4' all in one display tank - stunning

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Hi all,

I committed to purchase this fabulous "All In One" superb 4' Display Tank setup, but am having a major change of plans so need to sell it real quick. It has not even been unpacked from the boxes yet!!! These retail for $1,000 or more depending on the store & location. Grab yourself an absolute bargain!

Although the photo shows the superb Aqua Nova NT-1200 in silver, mine is all black & that, of course, fits in beautifully with any decor being the most popular colour chosen for obvious reasons (always tasteful).

Here's some specs for you, a pretty damn impressive set up when it's all said and done, and at a remarkably great value price:

Aqua Nova NT-1200

•Curved Glass Aquarium (8mm Glass) for unimpeded viewing

•Complete with large built in biological wet/dry filter in hood

•Also comes with in built light unit (3 x 30watt T8 TUBES, 2 x white & 1 X blue)

•This light unit comes with safety fuse inbuilt into the hood

•Seamless front and side glass creates optimum viewing

•Swivel lid protects water from environmental pollutants such as dust and gives easy access for maintenance, with the whole top filter and separate light unit able to remove.

Cabinet is 700mm High

Tank: 1208 x 460 x 700mm

260 Litres

Here she is (but remember) the one I'm selling is jet black ... This could all be yours for a mere $650!!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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