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I have been to that koi farm in Okayama. They use simple bakki towers which are very effective regardless of media IMO. Anyway the info you are after is here:


TEWA KOIS -Mr.Hong Keng Tee-


Phone: +618 9474 9004

Fax: +618 9474 9004

HP: 0411 342 887 or for overseas +61 411 342 887

Web: http://www.tewakoi.com

Email: tewa@tewakoi.com

Agent of selling Momotaro koi food, Momotaro bacteria House and all product of Momotaro-koi farm.

This product is quite big in Japan although they love fads and trends so this doesnt mean much. There are also a few very similar products, the most popular international one is called Eco Bio Block.




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