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breeding oscars

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*first off i would let them settle in some more ( i know you only just got them )

* keep the water as pristine as possible ( 50% water changes a week to keep the poop machines water in check )

* feed a good diet ( a decent pellet , prawns , white bait , the odd insect you find hopping around and absolutely NO feeder fish )

to sex them there is no physical difference between male and females so you have to vent them , the males vent will look something like oo and the females will look something like o0 . If your not comfortable with netting them and holding them upside down to do this then your next best bet is to watch really closely as you feed them and their underside shows when they go up for the good ( venting is pretty accurate but not 100% )

To help get them to spawn you can do a water change with colder water than whats in the tank and feed them up to help simulate the wet season .When they lay they like to do it on a smooth surface ( a nice piece of slate etc ) but they will dig a pit and lay if necessary

for the fry id start them off on freshly hatched brine shrimp after their egg sack has gone then move them onto a crushed pellet/ flake


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