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wtb 4 foot double fluoro reflector

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Hi guys,

I am after a 4 foot fluoro, (with reflector Ryan!) preferably double fitting, either dalbard type (prefer black), or aqua one or the newer aquarworld.

Prefer in pretty good condition- don't need tubes, but don't mind if they're included- school will have to electrical test them anyway!

Does anyone have one laying around?

Thanks, adam

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i know this isnt a reflector teacherman but look at a electrical wholesaler and ask about a 4ft T-bat troffer i can get u a photo of the one i use holds twin t8 4ft fluros and it sits neatly on a 4ft tank or inside a hood, its all powdercoated aswell so no rusting problems they cost about $40 new

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Thanks for the suggection cripple

I've actually got a twin fluoro light fitting (from Ryan), but since it has no reflector/ housing, and my tank doesn't have a hood- I feel that it might be unsuitable for a school classroom where inquisitive hands touch things.

Also, if the tubes are exposed to the outside world, they could get hit by a projectile, such as a pencil, rubber, text book etc, which does happen from time to time. The tanks are robust enough to withstand this (touch wood), but a fluoro tube is not. Afterall, I teach in a state school!

Hence, why I am looking for the enclosed reflector.

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well teacherman heres the fitting oh btw its steel so you could probably thro a student at is and the fluro wont break :)




thats put inside my makeshift hood atm but it will just sit ontop of the tank by itse. and the fluros arent exposed except to put light in the tank

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Thanks enthusiast!

It sounds like a good excuse to go to the coast- I'll take the kayak down and go for a paddle, and pick up the light on the way (or way back).

I can make it down on Sunday, if that suits you.

Can you pm me your details?


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