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Labidochromis caeruleus Nkhata Bay

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Funny, I was just watching a DVD the other day by Ad Koning on Lake Malawi, and he mentions Electric Yellows and the blue variant.

May have heard this before but the Electric Yellow originate from just one small population at Lion's Cove in Lake Malawi, with the majority of Labichromis caeruleus found in the Lake being that silver blue colour ("caeruleus" is a Latin term meaning Blue). The Nkhata Bay variant could be from a location with a strong population of the "blue" Electric Yellow.

Did you see this thread on the ACE forum?


Every so often Electric Yellow breeders might get a "throw back" of a silver-blue fish in their broods, although hasn't happened to me yet. I saw a thread on here somewhere I think, earlier in the year, of it happening.

I think that's pretty much all that would be available in Australia, and I don't think anyone has specifically imported them , but I could be wrong.

Also some good info here:


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Whilst i dont have the Nkata bays i am getting "throwbacks" out of my colony that range from near completely black to orange to blue tinged silver to blue tinged yellow to no colour at all and now i just looked in my 6 footer where i threw a few "throwback" "males" with full black pelvic and anal fins and one is holding. Gotta love the crazy yellows

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