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DIY canister filter

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hi guys i have been outrageously bored lately and i have decided that i am going to make my own canister filter to entertain my self

i am going to make it our of a big piece of pvc pipe with a removable cap on the top and a sealed bottom

i am hoping that this design will work if anyone can see a problem with this PLEASE TELL ME HAHA!! XD

here is a design i did in paint i will add photos as i go


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they work wonders these things.

i have one on my dovii tank and it keeps the water nice and clean.

i thing i did learn was to have both your outlets on the end caps - its far easier to seal them and there is less f..... around when your drilling holes.

im actually in the process of building a 3 stage one of these using 150mm piping.

ill post some pics when im done.


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