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EOI breeding setup.

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G'day all.

Long story short I REALLY want a fishing kayak a mate is selling but can only get it if I can get enough for this setup.

All tanks come with foam and some with ply.

1st stand- 2 tier 6x2 stand in great condition with a 6'x2'x15" drilled on top and 3 2x2x15 on bottom (there is enough room for a 6x2x2 + lights in bottom tier if needed)

All empty and good to go.

2nd stand- 2 tier 8' gal pallet racking. Top tier has 4 2.5x2x1 tanks all drilled with bulkheads and ss strainers. Drain plumbing is all there but not set up yet.

Bottom tier has 8 2x1x1 tanks in great condition all drilled with bulkheads and ss strainers. All drain plumbing is complete. I have all the stuff there for returns but I haven't set it up yet. I will do this asap.

This is run by a 4x2x15 sump with about 20L of matrix + Aquaclay and lots of sponge.

It also comes with 2x 6,500 Lph pumps and a big box full of extra plumbing stuff.

All empty and good to go.

3rd stand- 4x2x27" tank on a tall home made stand(50x50x2 I think) running off a 2x1x15" sump packed with matrix and sponge and a 3,700 Lph return.

I will also need to sell a breeding pair of pepps, a breeding pair of royals, 3 more breeding females and an 'almost breeding' male from different bloodlines and several hundred small commons.

I also have 2 more 2x1x1 with bulkheads and ss strainers, an almost full bottle of prime and stacks of other chemicals, air pumps, sponge filters, 2x 300 Jagger heaters and lots more other heaters etc.

Please call or text me for more exact dimensions.

And please pm or call with reasonable offers.



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