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Peacock Bass - Details

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Thought I'd post this up.

Hope it's useful !

Info/pics are collected from several sites, I did my best to put it together in 1 lol

Cichla sp. Monoculous

Weighs up to 10 pounds/ 18inches

Mainly found in the amazon's basin

Countries- Peru, Ecudor, Columbia, Brazil


Cichla sp Occelaris

notice the red eye

Weighs up to 12pounds/ 20inches

Countries- French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana and Brazil.

Found in the Marowijine, Suriname, Saramacca, Nickerie,

Corantijn, Berbice, Essequibo and upper Rio Branco drainage's


Cichla sp. Temensis

Weighs up to 27 pounds/ 39inches

Found in the Rio Negro, Orinoco, Madeira and Branco basins, also in some rivers of drainage's

Countries- Venezuela, Columbia, and Brazil


Cichla sp. Orinocensis

Weighs up to 12 pounds/ 20inches

Found in the Negro, Branco, and orinico drainages


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Cichla sp. Azul

20in long

Found in the lower Rio Tocantins and Rio Araguaya Drainage

Found in Brazil


Cichla sp. Kelberi

Full size and weight unknown

Found in the Rio Araguaia and lower Rio Tocantins basins, Brazil


Cichla sp. Nigromaculata

Size and weight unknown

Found in the Rio Orinoco, Rio Casiquiare, Rio Negro

Venezuela and Brazil


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Cichla sp. Pinma

Found in the Rio Tapajos, Rio Curua, Rio Xingu, Rio Tocantins and Rio Capim Brazil


Cichla sp. Xingu

Up to 18inches

Found in the Rio Tapajos Drainage and Xingu Drainages

Found in Brazil


Cichla sp. Jariina

Full size and weight unknown

Only known to be collected from the Rio Jari River Basins

So far only found in Brazil


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