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Calcium carbonate gravel

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Ok time for a basic question.

Just wondering what Calcium Carbonate is like as a gravel. Can you gravel vac it like normal gravel? or is it lighter? I know it affects the water quality.

I am setting up a bigger tank for my birchadi, they currently have sand and love it but it's a bugger to clean, especially with bubs swimming around. I think they would prefer the water conditions with the Cal Cab.

Also where is the best place to get it? Is it only at LFS?



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Not that long ago i was thinking about this.

I recently bought sum fronnies, and i put sum calcium carbonate in the tank as gravel.Best decision ive ever made.

I bought the 1mm size(Closer look to sand without having sand).

Can't remember the name of the lfs but it was in loganlea and it cost me for 20kgs $35.00.

Hope that has helped...


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I've got calcium carbonate in my Malawai tank.

Looks great just like sand. You need to keep an eye out when you are using your gravel vacuum as it is easy to suck it up (probably no different than the sand you have at the moment though)

Took a while (and a lot of water) to wash it out before it went in the tank.

I got mine from Aquariums R Us

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I sell Calcium Carb in a few different sizes

Its the same as Gravel with regards to gravel vaccing but that depends on what size you buy

I sell alot of the 3mm and I have no problems with gravel vacs

Also it doesnt affect water quality it affects water conditions

I have around 150kg in my display tank and for over 3 years the PH has remained at 8.2 without the use of any buffers


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At the start of the cleaning process the water was coloured like milk (full cream). This must be the fine calcium particles (I think), after a while it dilutes enough to be OK for the tank.

Took a lot of time and tank water to wash it though.

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