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Hi Everyone

In the next few months I will be getting back into fish again after a break of 5 years. Waiting for our well water to replenish again, as we

rely on rainwater for our water supply and failing that have to buy it.

I have kept fish for at least 30 years and have had a lot of different breeds over the years, and have bred Northern Blue Eye, Peppered Corydoras, Angels, and live bearers (nothing earthshattering) so am looking forward to getting everything together to start again.



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Thanks Japes

They are very active characters, they remind me of terrier dogs, trying

to be everywhere at once. What ones are you thinking of getting. :?:

Not quite sure, have 6 Peppered Cory's in my planted tank at the moment and I'm looking at expanding that number with other species.

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hey welcome i agree corydoras are awesome i have some bronze and peppered cories, in my main display tank havnt bred for me yet though...everything else in there has though :)

looking to expand in the future aswell well hope you enjoy ur stay and dont hesitate to ask or buy fish here :D most of the guys keep good quality fish and your sure to fins a bargain if you look hard enough

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Thanks Computerman, javascript:emoticon(':lol:')


Not having much to contribute to the forum at the moment, it's been interesting reading everyones highs and lows of keeping fish. The availability of different species of fish has changed over the years, and it's been great to get up to date with what is around now.

Drooling over all the pics of the fish and the tank setups



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