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Gidday everyone

I have purchased 12x4x1515 tanks and want to build a system,it will be a 3 teir system my questions are:

1.timber or steel stand ? I can build the timber stand myself or have a boiler maker mate that welds for 20 bucks an hour that can weld me one whats your opinions on both? and if I go with timber what size structual pine or hardwood would be best

2.I have a 38mm glass drill here which I have been told will drill a hole big enough to fit a 32mm bulkhead will this be big enough or should i go 40mm and buy a 42mm glass bit.

3.I dont like plumbing on the outside of systems so I was thinking of drilling the bottoms of the tanks and fitting internal standpipes with a strainer on top whats your experiences with this type of setup? would I drill the tank in the middle or at 1 end and then run the return into the opposite end?

4.The system will also include 3x4foot divided fry tanks that need to be plumbed into the system as well ,the tanks are divided into 1 foot cubes with no way to get water flow through them all.

that will do for now I am sure I will have a heap more questions as it progresses will try and put pics up as I go

cheers Hilly

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