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(Edited here so I dont cause problems)

Umm lets just say learned a lesson from plants...

Endler breeding colony has been all but destroyed and the wifes guppy colony including (25 Purple moscow show guppies) & 3 albino bristlenose are now infected or will be infected with Camallanus Worms.

I am absolutely gutted :cry: !!!!

As these fish were my wifes little breeding operation (Was getting her interested so I could expand fish room)

Now Im worried that this pest may have spread to my other tanks via nets, breeding traps, siphons etc.

Does anyone know where I can pick up Panacur Fenbendazole as all my research shows that this medication seems to be the only proven solution. I'm open to suggestions, help, recommendations.

I'm ready to throw in the towel if this pest has spread to my cichlid colonies.

Matt :x

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What a Sh*tter!!!!

I know the worms well. That's what wiped out most of our fish before we worked it out. There is a vet at currimundi, Karin Mogg, that deals with fish. I will pm her details. If you contact her, she will organise the right medication. She offered to get a vet closer to me do the meds. It's best to contact her or another "Fish" vet or you may be hit even harder. I when to another vet gave them the prescription from Karin and they gave me some more but the wrong kind. I lost more fish, my turtle is still sick and I had to do 100% water changes to save the rest. Be careful.

They are monster things to get rid of. I hope you get treatment in before too many more deaths. The worst part is you can kill the worms inside the fish and they can died from that two if they are expel the dead worm.

I wish you all the best.


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Trichlorfon should do the job. It is used for treating intestinal nematodes. Camallanus is just that. It is very hard on catfish, tetra species etc. It is toxic. cichlids can tolerate higher doses. there are a couple of products in lfs that contain this.

There are a couple of other drugs, but they are not available I think.

Frenchy :D

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