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15 small tanks 40cm cubes

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hey all,

these are back up for grabs. the rest has gone...

15 40cm cube tanks $20 each - these are eds tanks and will need the edges smoothed


most dont have the strainer but all have been drilled etc



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geez people, you dont make it easy for me

i am trying to go through pms and working out who wants what and who was first

as i see it, and i guess it will depend on confirmation and viewing this is how is stands.

5 foot 2 tier - breeder87

40cms cubs - whatthe fluck

both 3 footers - aussie canadian

sorry roo - if only i knew you would have been interested. i havent been around much lately.

i am again working all day tomorrow so wont be able to answer pms or phone calls till after 7.30 8.00...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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