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help with convict fry - first timer

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The kids just walked past the tank and noticed 50 or so baby fish in the tank in amounst the large sandstone rocks, upon closer inspection the 2 convicts have burrowed some caves under the rocks and have about 50 or so babies.

I have about 30 other various cichlids in the tank, and have been watching the tank for the past 30 minutes or so and one of the convicts seems to be doing a good job at keeping the other fish at bay whist the other stays in the den.

My question - how long can they keep the fish at bay before they get overrun or too tired to keep up the perimeter?

I dont like my chances of getting the fry out into another small tank as if I start to move the rocks out the way all the fish will go mad and scatter.

Should I just leave them and let nature take its course?

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