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Whats the prettiest shellie

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Have a look at this site..... :wink:

I think Lamprologus meleagris/stappersi are the prettiest.....with Black occies a close second

Blue occies are Great when courting and Quality gold occies are the most colourful

Multies form great little communities

Brevis are peaceful and great for smaller tanks...my pair seem to stay within a 50mm radius of their shell!

I have found they are all easy to breed (once the drama of getting a bonded pair is over) and fry are easy to raise....they just need their own space(tank)

They all seem to do well in straight Brisbne tap water(correctly detoxified of course)

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I really like Brevis... I've got a pair of Brevis Kavala and the male has a nice purple/blue around his gills and the female gets a nice yellow belly.

And as Rod said they are nice and peaceful (the male will attack my hand but doesn't bother tankmates! :roll: ) plus the male and female will share a shell so you don't need lots of shells.

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OK so shellies are cichlids from the African Lake Tanganuyika called rift lake cichlids?

I haven't found the L.Melegris or Brevis kauala yet. Haven't got photos have you?

When I go through a site like livefish they have several Neolamprologus and Pseudotropheus species listed. Are they all shellies or do some not brood in shells or are they a bigger type and not included?

These shellies are more technical than I thought. 8O

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Did you go to the link I provided??? :wink: lots of photos there!

Sorry....wrong spelling....Lamprologus meleagris/stappersi

Best shops to try.....Beenleigh Aquarium,always has a few species

Annerley Aquarium has N. brevis....or

put a wanted add in the classified section?

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Coral would work...

I use calcium carbonate....or shell grit

1.5 foot would be plenty for a pair of brevis....

I've got shells from several sources.....but 3/4 would be plenty for a pair of brevis

Try "cheap" shops and home decorating shops!

filtration....simple air driven sponge will do a Good job!

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Given the information to date I think brevis are the right fish to start with. :wink:

Each fish retail will probably cost about the same as Lamprologus meleagris.....but

It is easy to pick a pair of brevis....males are twice as big as females

They will live in an 18 inch tank comfortably

Don't get me wrong....Lamprologus meleagris are fantastic fish....worth $35 each....but you would need to buy 6 to be sure of at least a pair and they would need at least a 3 ft tank to start with....they are also a lot more aggressive....I've had occie pairs happily breeding in 18 inch tanks....but only after they have bonded as a pair!

Mystery snail shells also work....a lot of shops just throw out shell of snails that die before they are sold and are happy to sell them!

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