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Before And After

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A month or so ago my flatmate pointed out that one of my tank stands looked like collapsing so I had to transfer my Malawi tank over to a hospital tank to avoid a disaster. They were all on the verge of breeding at the time too, so it was a bit of a double whammy.

Anyways, my tank is an odd size and after much searching for a new stand with no success I decided I'd repair the old one and make some mods while I was at it.

So I've put in a heap of reinforcing to strengthen it, put in a shelf and enclosed it and painted it to fit in with the rest of my furniture. All that remains is to put some doors on it to enclose the shelves and I'm done, oh and probably change the lighting.

While I was in the process of doing all this I thought as long as I was doing it I might as well redesign the whole tank. I'd seen a setup at Q Aquariums which I really liked so wanted to get something like that happening.

So I picked up a new background, and some new rock (calcium carb) and went to work yesterday.

I'm absolutely stoked with the results. And my fish seem well happy too. There's much shimmying going on so I think it's only a matter of time before I get my first mouthful.

So here's what it used to look like, compared to what I have now.

Sorry about the crappy pictures, they were taken off my phone.






How cool is that?! :lol:

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Cheers Nick.

Got the rocks fro Q Aquariums (actually from the tank I was trying to model it on). Apparently the govt has changed regulations on selling calcium carb rock so you can't buy it anymore.

And yeah, Warnie goes off. Though we noticed the last week or so he has been losing air and is falling over. They obviously thought of everything when the made him. It's the end of a long summer of pissing it up and chasing loose women and he can barely stand up :lol:

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Thanks for the comments guys. I just can't stop looking at it at the moment.

And my fish are loving it. Especially the male Ps. Long Pelvic, he's chasing his girls all over the place and putting his shimmy on at every opportunity :D

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