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stocking levels hey guys just wondering on reasonable stocking levels for a 4x18x18 got catfish and guppies in one want to know what the amount of fish that would be considered stocked. its got an internal on it atm and getting a 1500lph canister vry soon. has about 15 bnose as 4-10cm 2 chocolate plecs. 6-7cories 1 bumble bee catfish

1 bumble bee gobie

2 clown loaches

1 yoyo loach

5 small guppies

4 rosy tetras.

now i know its understocked atm as theres no fish to be seen anywhere just wondering if adding 100 guppies will overstock it (yes ill be doing it in lots so as to not overload the bacteria in there

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Do you plan to keep those fish in there for long or are some moving out at later on? The reason I ask is when those fish grow you will have a pretty full tank and some will out grow that tank anyway.

That many BN would make a load of crap added of by the plecos. 15 BN in that tank, full grown, and breeding you will have an over stocked tank in no time. The clown loaches will out grow the tank but I think that will take a while (not positive never really looked into them).

When it comes to stocking level filtration is the key the more filtration the more fish you can have. I don't know about 100 guppies but I suppose they are small. I think that would be too much for the tank size. Especially with everything else. Are you going to have male and female guppies? Both and babies will be added too.

The only think I could suggest is to add them bit by bit let them settle. See what the tank parameters do and it will let you know if it can't handle that may fish. When you ammonia starts to rise and not settle back down then you are at your tanks peak.

I would also suggest getting so more rosy tetras, they are better in groups of at least 6.

I hope that helps a bit


Just a question how much rock, decoration work to you have? That will decease your water volume and therefore your stocking levels too.

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everything in there is only in therre for a little while

the bristlenose will be moving into some 4ft tanks only got that many as they are juuveys growing up to have 2-3 pairs and selling the rest. the plecs will be sold when they get to a decent size as they are undersized atm for selling imho. thanks people, at this stage its pretty well stabe without the guppies and no canister with monthly waterchanges/gravel cleans. got the guppies in a 2.5ft holding tank atm

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